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WomenOutdoors has evolved into
"Nature as Healer and Teacher" Retreats
here in beautiful Colorado.

Send us an email at
expressing your Summer or Winter interest.
We will contact you about future retreat details

Jacquelyn with Lydia in the background
Jacquelyn with Lydia
in the background

"My WomenOutdoors Winter Adventure was just what I needed to awaken a part of me that I'd been holding too cautiously for too long. There's something that goes beyond words that describes what it's like to be out in nature with kindred spirits. There's a certain sense of safety to just be that's liberating. The vast beauty of the Colorado Rockies coupled with the quietude and stark contrast of life in its wintertime dormancy was witnessed and explored at every turn and was the perfect backdrop to open up more of myself--my senses, my imagination, my deep desire to connect with nature and with like-minded others. I received the priceless and unexpected gift of really connecting with my sensitivity in such a way that transformed me and I learned that it's safe to entrust my sensitivity to others.

"Thank you, Jacquelyn, for an amazing and life-changing adventure!"

- Lydia Puhak,

Lydia starting an afternoon fire
Lydia starting an afternoon fire

Video: Interlude of Happiness "Interlude of Happiness"
Video: The beautiful Erika Harris
The beautiful Erika Harris

"The WomenOutdoors Adventure was a peak experience for me. It was a much-needed retreat from urban stressors and chronic overstimulation. Wilderness restored my soul. Nature's palette attuned me to the living tones of earthen-browns, sky-blues, the strength of trees, the song of streams, the light of Sun, Moon and Stars. Jacquelyn's sensitive leadership connected me to comfort and power not only in backcountry, but also in my own internal country. Forgotten dreams got resurrected. Weary hopes got reinvigorated. I returned to Chicago, literally, a New Woman. Whether you are a Mountain Mama, or a City Princess, the WomenOutdoors experience will enliven you in a very profound and transformative way.

"With utmost thanks to Jacquelyn for courageously forging trails,"

Erika Harris, Creator,,


Have we, here in America, lost the art of doing nothing? Have we forgotten how to relax, how to meditate, and how to be at ease when alone?

For most of us, life has become too ultramodern. We have forsaken the vastness of mountains, prairies and forests.

When we grow weary of speed, schedules and smog, some deep homing instinct calls us out of the cities into the great quiet places of the earth - to the deserts, the forests, the mountains, and to the shores of the sea.

Released and free, the mind explores the universe. It dreams; it soars; it finds itself - not through action and struggle, not through the magic of some formula, but by simply being still.

- B. Shaw, age 92,
Retired Forest Ranger
Unity Church, Fort Collins, CO


Molly Sheahan on a glorious fall day in October
Molly Sheahan -
a glorious fall day in October!

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Contact Jacquelyn at, 970-484-0840