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LifeWorks' Mission

photo of tree by a lakeLifeWorks Help is committed to harmonious personal and social transformation aimed at creating inclusive environments of mutual respect, individuality and belonging; self-discovery and healing, positive regard and goodwill. LifeWorks specializes in blending therapeutic principles and coaching tools with a spiritual foundation.

Jacquelyn Strickland is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Coach and workshop leader based in Fort Collins, Colorado. She has been a certified trainer in the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory since 1991. Her counseling and coaching practice specializes in blending therapeutic principles and coaching strategies with a spiritual foundation.

Prior to becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor, Jacquelyn founded two non-profit agencies addressing the needs of the primary caregiver and their families. One of those agencies is now the LaPlata County Family Resource Center.

She has been hiking, camping and backpacking in the mountains of Colorado since 1979, where she finds great solace, inspiration and wisdom.

Jacquelyn enjoys helping others reach their fullest potential by offering individual and group counseling; and training seminars for groups, adolescents, adults, and families. She believes strongly in the prevention of problems by providing clients with education and ways to utilize counseling tools. Her work focuses on healing from past wounds, self esteem and empowerment by assisting with positive and honest communication with oneself and others.


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Contact Jacquelyn at, 970-484-0840