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Spring Greetings from Colorado
by Jacquelyn Strickland

Co-hosting a HSP Gathering Retreat



We Are Who We Have Been Waiting For

Knowing Something
by Les Davies

Hopi Elders Speak
The Elders, Oraibi, Arizona, Hopi Nation

What is an Empowered HSP?



Other Upcoming Events

HSP Gathering, West Coast, June 14-18

HSP Gathering, BC, September 23-27

Read more about all the gatherings here

Teleclasses coming in July


Each Gathering for me is like finding an oasis in a parched desert. You really are refreshing to know and be with! My study of A Course in Miracles is often urging me to "go out and find them, for they bring yourself with them." This has never been more true than with the kindred Spirit and connection I find among HSPs.

Neil of Victoria, B.C


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 May 2006, Spring  |  Archives Here

photo of JacquelynSpring Greetings from Colorado

I hope this finds you enjoying spring in your own unique HSP way. I've been making an effort to create down time to be outdoors in nature with the blooming trees and flowers, the butterflies and the beautiful sunsets here in Colorado. I must admit it has been a challenging time readjusting and getting caught up on my work since returning from my maiden voyage to Europe in April.


Yes! The First European HSP Gathering Retreat
was held in Somerset, England
April 6 - 10, 2006 at Croydon Hall

Read more here...

Co-hosting a HSP Gathering Retreat

I'm frequently asked: "Can you hold a HSP Gathering near me?" And now my answer is finally: "Yes! But I need a co-host to do so." And what is a co-host? Read more here.


Yes! Teleclasses Coming in July

I am pleased to announce that I will begin offering teleclasses. These will be in the form of directed group dialogue, and some will be workshops with downloadable e-booklets. Read full article here.


Knowing Something

Welcome to the world of HSP Les Davies, as he describes his experiences in poem. Les has worked in the welfare and care sector for over 15 years. When not at work he writes and directs films and premiered "You Gotta Have Soul" at the UK HSP Gathering. In addition to the wonderful new friends he made at the gathering, he is also quite fond of his constant companion, an invisible talking cat. Read full article here.




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