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What is an Empowered HSP?

Over the years of working with HSPs, I've synthesized what I think of when describing an empowered vs. an unempowered HSP. If you find yourself in the latter category, don't worry. Just know there is a way to heal and gain insight to use your sensitivity as the gift. Thousands of HSPs are doing just that.

The Empowered HSP

The empowered HSP is someone who:

  • Has a strong spiritual life and sense of being worthy
  • Proactive - taking time to figure out things ahead of time
  • Resourceful in reaching out, finding answers and asking for what you need
  • Trusts their instincts and intuition to grow and change
  • Has knowledge, understanding and acceptance of the trait
  • Takes the initiative to act vs. react
  • Is good at setting boundaries
  • Is good as identifying, accepting and expressing needs
  • Is good at recognizing strengths in self and others
  • Perserves at finding a unique way "to fit" in the world in a meaningful way
  • Does cognitive work to prevent the downward spiral into negative thought patterns
  • Feels in control even in the midst of chaos
  • Promotes the trait as a positive
  • Honors and recognizes their 'priestly advisor' gifts
  • Can say 'no' without apology, anger, guilt, resentment or defensiveness
  • Strives to find and follow a passion
  • Is responsive to "light" and "truth" as in 'numinous'
  • Is at peace, rest, centered in love (not necessarily with another person, but 'love' as a way of being.
  • Has developed and practiced coping skills such as meditation, boundary setting, getting enough sleep
  • Respects and honors emotional reactions to disturbing events
  • Trusts in the beauty of their feelings and needs

The Unempowered HSP

The unempowered HSP is someone who:

  • Is reactive
  • Insecure, helpless, in a victim mode
  • Stuck in untreated depression, anxiety or other maladies
  • Is unaware of the trait, or in denial of the trait
  • Shame based - untreated low self-esteem
  • Can't see their strengths - only their weaknesses
  • Becomes a doormat for others
  • Stays in unhealthy situations
  • Has no initiative or courage to seek change
  • Allows the culture to dictate the definition of 'success'
  • Does not own/take responsibility for their feelings and needs
  • Sees only the negative in the world - tending toward depression
  • Has a silent angry temper who refuses to communicate openly and honestly
  • Has a tendency to judge others

Can Someone Be an Empowered HSP All the Time?

Probably not. Becoming an empowered HSP is a process and a long journey for many of us. Maintaining the empowered state of mind is a day to day, situation to situation process.

Wishing you lovely, empowered HSP days,



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