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Yes! Teleclasses Coming in July

I am pleased to announce that I will begin offering teleclasses. These will be in the form of directed group dialogue, and some will be workshops with downloadable e-booklets.

Why Teleclasses?

As a (HSP) licensed professional counselor working individually with HSPs, I have sensed the need to offer us new options. Thus, I will be sharing and facilitating a conversation process with four informal components: Research, Service, Advocacy, and Quotes Worth Remembering. These discussions are not group therapy, although for some, they can be very therapeutic. Their goal is to: facilitate a process, through directed dialogue, which helps us identify shared life themes, unmet needs, new resources and possibly new advocacy channels which will support our sensitivity trait as a gift and not a burden.

The reason for this goal is that I have discovered many HSPs can feel isolated, misunderstood, or devalued. I see this disconnection as a cultural problem and not necessarily a therapeutic issue. Left alone, these feelings of isolation and disconnection can erode one's sense of vitality, energy and joy.

So, please look for the first of many teleclasses to come:

Finding Support with a Dyad Partner
What is a dyad partner? Learn guidelines about
how to best support one another during trying situations.

Monday, July 10, 2006 11:30am MST; 6:30pm United Kingdom
Tuesday, July 11, 2006, 7:00pm MST

Thriving or Surviving?
Surviving is coping. Thriving is creating.
This will be a series of classes and experiential exercises
to assist in the process of thriving as a HSP.
(See: The Empowered HSP)

The HSP Way
Do you ever find yourself wearing a mask?
What does being authentic mean to you?
Can one be authentic all the time?
What is the HSP Way?
This teleclass will be a directed dialogue and
offer experiential activities introducing us
to what I affectionately call The HSP Way,
(aka The Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron.)

Focusing on Needs, Not Approval
What does focusing on needs, not approval look like?
What is involved? How does it affect me and others in my life?
What are the challenges and rewards involved?

Experiencing the Myers Briggs Personality Inventory
Here is an opportunity to take the statistically valid and reliable MBTI instrument and receive a professional interpretation in a group setting.
This will be a series of classes which will include:
Introduction to Your Authentic Type with overlay of being and HSP
Communicating with Others
Relationships using the Myers Briggs as a tool
Stress Triggers into the Inferior Function and
Returning to Equilibrium

Building Family Bridges
This is a series of classes to learn a family structure to enhance the dynamics of your family's communication ensuring that everyone will be heard with respect and empathy. This family model is excellent for everyone, especially those who are "less likely to be heard" in the family. Must be willing to practice open, honest communication with respect and empathy.


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