The 4th Colorado HSP Retreat, September 27, 28, 29, 2021, Ft.Collins, Colorado

Welcome to the 4th Colorado HSP Retreat
September 27, 28, 29 2021
Ft. Collins, Colorado
(and optional Nature as Teacher & Healer Day, Sept 30)

1 hr north of Denver
September 27, 28, 29 2021
Retreat Cost:  $395 , includes lunch, snacks, coffee, teas
with a special
Nature as Teacher & Healer Day
September 30, 2021
Find out more about the Nature as Teacher & Healer day here:

with Jacquelyn Strickland, LPC,  International Consultant on High Sensitivity,
and co-founder of the HSP Gathering RetreatsSince 2001
founded with Dr. Elaine Aron in 2001.

Register for one or both of these special HSP opportunities to BE with other HSPs in a safe, gentle, learning environment.  Go here:

Space is limited to 15 participants for the retreat; 8 for the Nature as Teacher & Healer
Lodging in the retreat house limited to 6 if double occupancy in the three bedrooms

What will I learn at the Colorado HSP Retreat?
The 4th Colorado HSP Retreat will provide you with the opportunity to share what it is like to simply BE with other like-minded HSPs (a magical experience in and of itself)  as we explore and begin to understand and integrate:

  •  the six pathways to empowerment I’ve taught and shared with dozens of clients over the years
  •  where you are on the journey to empowerment as an HSP, and how to stay present with the  challenges and gifts you can expect along the way
  • what overstimulation can feel like and learn strategies to return to your own “optimal level of arousal”
  • an opportunity to experience a daily practice of what it means to live an Authentic Sensitive Life by focusing on needs, not approval, and trusting your own process always asking: “what is there for me to learn in this moment?” and perhaps most importantly, answering the question: “what do I need in this moment?

Of course, all your questions about Sensory Processing Sensitivity will be answered and you will gain a working, lay person’s knowledge of the science and latest research about our trait.   We will cover the Facts, Myths, Mysteries  & Metaphors about the HSP trait, as well as the joys, challenges of our trait.

“I love observing unencumbered HSPs sharing in deep conversations, coming alive with insight, creativity and confidence. I have felt honored for the last 20 years to witness the transformation of HSPs who often feel “less than” begin a process of embracing their personal power and proudly standing to their full height as a highly sensitive person.     ~Jacquelyn Strickland

As with the larger HSP Gathering Retreats, the Colorado HSP Retreats are not intended to be therapy, although for many HSPs they are can be very therapeutic.  If you are in crisis, or in great need, these retreats are probably not the best place for you at this time.
We ask that you please be aware if you find yourself becoming emotionally triggered into past therapeutic issues.  As much as we might like to be available during such a time, it is just not possible to be a container for healing while we also take care of ourselves and enjoy the purpose of these retreats.

Our Retreat House for the 3rd Colorado HSP Retreat


Note:  All spaces in the retreat house are booked. 
I strongly suggest Air BnB or VRBO and search for a private room in a home.  The retreat house is in the 80521 zip code area, near Mountain Avenue & College Avenue, 1.5 miles from Colorado State University.   Tere is also a Hilton Inn on Prospect Rd, about 2 miles away, yet more expensive than an Air BnB option.

Let me know if you need more information about booking lodging offsite.

Our Retreat House – is full 

We will be utilizing a spacious, beautifully remodeled home as our meeting space.  This home is 3 blocks from restaurants, and interesting alleyways in historic Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado.  It is available for overnight guests:  3 bedrooms (King and 2 Queens.)  After our meeting ends each day at 4:30 pm you will have access to the entire house including a full gourmet kitchen, 50” flat-screen TV, Blue-Ray/DVD player, and high-speed internet.

Queen, Share Bath

You will share the house with no more than 6 total if double occupancy in the three bedrooms or 3 others if single occupancy.
You can arrive at the Retreat House at 1:00  pm on Monday, September 27th.
Our retreat will begin Monday afternoon at 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Tuesday,  September 28 – 9:30 – 4:30 pm
Wednesday, September 29 – 9:30 – 4:30 pm

King, Shared Bath,

Update:  Only one room, king /shared bath is available in the retreat house.  Other affordable lodging options are available via Air BnB — check in the 80521 zip code area …

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  1. Beth McInerney says:

    Is this King room still available?
    If so, I am interested.

    • Jacquelyn says:

      Hi Beth
      Rooms in the retreat house booked immediately. I am sending you a private email with suggestions
      for other off-site lodging … Thanks for reaching out…

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