What do day camping, Elaine Aron & Sept 30, 2021 have in common?

Nature as Teacher & Healer
September 30, 2021

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.”
― Rachel Carson, The Sense of Wonder

This special Nature as Teacher and Healer day is an optional add-on day to the 4th Colorado HSP Retreat held in Ft. Collins, Colorado, September 27, 28, 29, 2021

What do ‘day camping,’ Elaine Aron, and September 30, 2021, have in common?

Well… for one, day camping is something I have been doing, much like Elaine, for many years.  I love her description of the special days in nature she enjoys.

Another Way to Receive Your Needed Dose of Nature—Day Camping

Isn’t it wonderful to do nothing …and rest afterward?
~An old Spanish proverb

A lightweight backpack filled with nurturing food, snacks, water, and of course, my 3 lb hammock is all that is needed to enhance my self-care for a deep sense of solitude and peace.   One of my HSP gifts is being aware and sensitive to subtleties.  This gift offers me a multitude of sensory delights including sight, colors, sounds, smells, and touch, while I read, rest, nap, process, or journal.   Of course, living in beautiful Colorado, I am blessed to know of places that are not too crowded, especially during the week.

And did you know that research shows those who spend at least two hours per week in nature report feeling a great sense of good health and psychological well-being?

This is only one of the many reasons I am pleased to invite you to join me on the optional Nature as Teacher & Healer, which is an add-on day to the 4th Colorado HSP Retreat here in Ft. Collins.

Besides the joy and comfort of being with other HSPs, here are just a few of the benefits you will receive from spending an entire day in nature with me and other highly sensitive people.

  • enjoy your own special place of solitude, hopefully with your own hammock,  and choose hiking, exploring, napping, journaling,  and joining in our small group discussions
  • an experiential eco-psychology process where you will learn how to foster a deeper connection with Self and nature
  • using all your senses, learn how to be open to receiving guidance, wisdom, and solace from nature
  • gain a great appreciation for our planet, maybe even become a climate change advocate, if you aren’t already?
  • experience a sense of self-renewal that only nature can provide
  • return home feeling inspired, enriched, and perhaps spiritually renewed

Here is the registration form to register for either the 4th Colorado HSP Retreat and/or just the optional Nature as Teacher & Healer day.

What about the 37th HSP Gathering Retreat?
In lieu of the 37th HSP Gathering Retreat which is still on hold due to Covid, I am grateful to be able to offer the smaller, more intimate, 4th Colorado HSP Retreat, September 27-29, with the optional opportunity to join me in my Nature as Teacher & Healer full-day outdoor excursion.

The 4th Colorado HSP Retreat will provide you with the opportunity to share what it is like to simply BE with other like-minded HSPs (a magical experience in and of itself)  as we explore and begin to understand and integrate:

  •  the six pathways to empowerment I’ve taught and shared with dozens of clients over the years
  •  where you are on the journey to empowerment as an HSP, and how to stay present with the  challenges and gifts you can expect along the way
  • what overstimulation can feel like and learn strategies to return to your own “optimal level of arousal”
  • an opportunity to experience a daily practice of what it means to live an Authentic Sensitive Life by focusing on needs, not approval, and trusting your own process always asking: “what is there for me to learn in this moment?” and perhaps most importantly, answering the question: “what do I need in this moment?

Of course, all your questions about Sensory Processing Sensitivity will be answered and you will gain a working, lay person’s knowledge of the science and latest research about our trait.

I hope you can join me in September when Colorado’s  Autumn will be displaying its full glory.

Once again, here is the registration form.

with anticipation,



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4 Responses to What do day camping, Elaine Aron & Sept 30, 2021 have in common?

  1. Shera Orquia says:

    Hello, I am interested in the Sept retreat. Are you able to take phone calls or emails? I am fairly new to your newsletter and just had a few questions. Things like do you have a cap on how many people are at the retreat? And would I need to rent a car from airport because I live in Chattanooga Tennessee. And which airport do I fly into? And are the beds comfortable at the lodging haha.

    • Jacquelyn says:

      Hello Shera,
      Yes, I am happy to speak with you by phone. Best to first email jacquelyn@hspgatheringretreats.com to schedule a time
      so we don’t play phone tag. Unfortunately, all 3 bedrooms in the retreat house are taken. There are several other lodging options via Air BnB- check in the 80521 zip code.
      There are a few others flying into Denver International Airport …. and also a public transporation service. I can send you my list of FAQ.. Also, perhaps ride sharing can be arranged?
      Let’s talk soon !

  2. Therin Orlando says:

    Hello. What is the deadline to sign up for the retreat? I have very recently rediscovered my inner voice and am eager to sign up, but I think it would be wise to spend time thinking about it. I am, however, anxious about possibly missing the opportunity to join.

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