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An Audio Interview with Jacquelyn by Talent Development Resources

Everything You Might Want to Know about the HSP Gathering Retreats

HSP Gathering Survey Question

Book Review - Ted Zeff's new book


An Insider View of the Extravert High Sensation Seeking HSP

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Winter/Spring 2007 | Archives Here

Dear HSPs,

Welcome to the Winter/Spring 2007 issue of my ezine. Winter here in Northern Colorado was historically cold, snowy and dreary - not a combination this HSP enjoys or thrives in.

My family and I had the opportunity to welcome Spring in a most unusual way - hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon for two nights the week of March 12th. It was an incredible adventure, one I am thrilled to have experienced. I survived the trip for two main reasons: 1 - my two strong sons carried everything in my pack after I insisted that "I could do it" (I couldn't) and 2 - the support of two strong knee braces. Going the 6.3 miles down the Kaibab Trail into the canyon was much more difficult than hiking out the 9.3 Bright Angel trail.

I think maybe only an Extraverted High Sensation Seeking HSP with a supportive family would venture into this type of activity. Would I ever do this again? No. Would I recommend it to others? Absolutely yes.

Now I am fortunate in that I get to look forward to the 2007 HSP Gathering Retreats that are planned: one on the West Coast in June, and the first one here in Colorado in October. I get many questions about the Gatherings, and have decided to write more about them here. First, I will refer you to two articles written back in 2001.

About the Gatherings:

A Note from Jacquelyn & "Why HSPs Need to Gather" by Marcia Norris

Second, you can read "Everything You Might Want to Know about the HSP Gathering Retreats." You can also download a Registration form for the West Coast Gathering here.

Please let us know what you think: HSP Gathering Survey Question

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An Audio Interview with Jacquelyn by Talent Development Resources

An Insider View of the Extrovert High Sensation Seeking HSP

2007 HSP Gathering Retreats

Book Review - Ted Zeff's new book

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