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In this issue:

Is Everything Okay?

What I've Learned

HSP Poem,
Charles Gulotta

Notes from Fall 2003 East Coast Gathering

2004 East Coast Gathering
March 15 - Early Registration Deadline

2004 West Coast Gathering

Making Work Work,
book review


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A newsletter from Jacquelyn Strickland   |    March 2004 Vol. 1 Issue 1

LifeWorks is committed to harmonious personal and social transformation aimed at creating inclusive environments of individuality, belonging and mutual respect; self discovery and healing; positive regard and goodwill.

~ ~ ~

Dear HSPs,

Welcome to my first ezine newsletter. You are on this list to receive information for and about Highly Sensitive People.

If you'd liked to be removed, please click here. You may rest assured that your email address will never be sold or provided to anyone else.

What motivated this ezine? I think it was my sense of sadness when I first wrote "Is Everything Okay" back in January. (I am feeling much better, thank you.) Another motivating factor is the dozens of emails I receive asking about the 2004 HSP Gatherings. Finally, I wanted to share "A Highly Sensitive Poem" and Notes from the Fall 2003 Gathering written by Charles Gulotta. Last, but not least, I'd like to encourage you to read Making Work Work For the Highly Sensitive Person, by Dr. Barrie Jaeger. Barrie has tirelessly put her passion into her own Calling and has a great message to get out!

Is Everything Okay?
Reflections on being a Priestly Advisor
in a troubled world

I was recently asked this simple question and my answer took me by surprise. It was anything but simple. The answer my 'authentic-mask-off-self' revealed created a sudden wave of grief and sadness in me. [Click here for full article...]

What I've Learned

One of the things I know we HSPs need to do in order to thrive is to feel our feelings fully. We can't deny them, for they will only fester and grow larger and more complex. [Click here for full article and suggestions...]

A Highly Sensitive Poem
by Charles Gulotta

Here's a poem inspired by the Fall 2003 New England East Coast Gathering. [Click here to read the full poem.]

Notes from the Fall 03 East Coast Gathering

By Charles Gulotta, Prince Edward, Canada. It was my first HSP gathering, and I didn't know what to expect. I didn't completely want to be there. I didn't even know why it was called a gathering. HSPs don't meet, apparently, they gather. What are we, dust? [Read the full article...]

East Coast Gathering in April
Register by March 15 for reduced rate!

photo of treesSome of you might not know that we switched the East Coast gathering from October to Spring?

We did this mainly to accommodate Elaine who divides her time between San Francisco and New York. She lives in New York from January - May 1st. Little did I know what a headache it would be to switch dates and find a suitable place for our East Coast Gatherings - I wondered if it would ever happen.

But... things have worked out... and I am eager to pass on to you the details - since the date is coming up much faster than I would like!

Announcing...drum roll...

April 22 - 26, 2004
Bryn Mawr Mountain Retreat Center
Honesdale, Pennsylvania North of the Poconos,
West of the Catskills in the Upper Delaware River Valley, on 165 acres of lawns, woods and meadows

Registration Fee: $225
Deadline is April 1, 2004

If you send in your payment prior to March 15,
take $15 off Registration Fee

Register here.

Featuring: Elaine Aron, PH.D.
Sunday, April 25, 2004:

"From Feeling One Down to Being an Equal: Healing HSPs So We Can Heal the World"
"Understanding our Body's Messages"

Other BreakOut Sessions listed here.

Hope to see you there.

~ ~ ~

Upcoming Gatherings!

Mark your calendars!
5th Annual West Coast Gathering of HSPs
Walker Creek Ranch
Friday, 9 am October 8
thru Monday 10 am, October 11
Details forthcoming.

~ ~ ~

Book Review:
Making Work Work
for the Highly Sensitive Person

Dr. Barrie Jaeger's book is finally out! Her concepts of Drudgery, Craft and Calling are crucial to those of us who have or are struggling with the world of work. The final paragraph of Dr. Jaeger's book brings tears to my eyes:

"I'm certain many HSPs will need the deeper and more elusive true Calling. It is here... that we have to be ready to be self-reliant, ...and trust that our inner voice will never let us down. We will expand beyond our normal HSPness, while taking our sensitivities with us. Sometimes the problems of the world need more than intellect or emotion - they need our soul's wisdom.... We may have to trust, not our local community paper, but the soul's unique 'classified section' that lies deep within each of us." Thank you Barrie!

You can purchase this book, with great savings, at Elaine Aron's website: and click on HSP Store. You can visit Barrie's website at

~ ~ ~

I hope you have enjoyed my first ezine newsletter. If you would like to subscribe to future newsletters as they evolve, please subscribe here.

With warm and hopeful winter HSP wishes,


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"Sometimes the problems of the world need more than intellect or emotion - they need our soul's wisdom."
    - Dr. Barrie Jaeger













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