Summer 2021: HSP Highlights & Insights : So much to share

In this Summer issue of Highlights and Insights you will find:

Thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person, by Jacquelyn Strickland

Maintaining Your Optimal Level of Arousal, an interview with Jacquelyn & Annet de Zwart.  Link below.


Note: The retreat house is full.  There are a few HSPs wanting to rent another Air BnB house… contact me for details.


” Isn’t it wonderful to do nothing and rest afterward?” ~an old Spanish proverb

Nature as Teacher & Healer day September 30th with Jacquelyn Strickland   

Here are a few other special opportunities from some of my HSP colleagues that you may find helpful:

 Alane Freund, LMFT invites you to her retreat in Boone, North Carolina, September 17-19, 2021

New Podcast:  Sensitive & Strong
Annet de Zwart
of High Sensitive Coaching has started a podcast called Sensitive & Strong.
You can listen to a delightful conversation she held with Elaine Aron back on May 25th.–Elaine-Aron-e119dhs

And my interview with Anne was just recorded with us talking about “Maintaining Your Optimal State of Arousal”

Elaine Aron/High Sensitivity Facebook page
If you haven’t joined the Elaine Aron/High Sensitivity Facebook page, moderated by myself and other HSP colleagues, you can find it here:
You can find my Facebook page, HSP Gathering Retreats here:

A new documentary for we HSPs — Sensitive Men Rising 
It is also exciting to let you know two HSP colleagues, Tracy Cooper and Will Harper are in the processing of creating a documentary called Sensitive Men Rising.  Will directed the first two documentaries on our trait:  Sensitive: The Untold Story, and Sensitive and In Love. (  To stay up to date on the making of his film you can check out the Sensitive Men Rising-The Documentary here.

Summer 2021 Myers Briggs/HSP Overlay online class:  July 31 and August 7

Global Summit Experience for Highly Sensitive Men
And, speaking of highly sensitive men, did you know there was an online Global Summit Experience for Highly Sensitive Men back in March?  This project was lovingly created by another HSP colleague and friend,  Susanne de Munck Mortier who lives in Tuscany, Italy.  You can find my interview and those of Tracy Cooper, Will Harper, and Diana Sinelnikova (co-producer of Sensitive: The Untold Story) plus several others on Suzanne’s Youtube channel.

Finally …  just because I have shared these HSP opportunities from my own HSP friends and/or colleagues does NOT mean they are the only valuable HSP resources available for you to learn all you need to know about our trait of Sensory Processing Sensitivity.  (Just do an internet search and you’ll see what I mean.)    There is just not enough time, space, energy, nor room for me to share all the resources out there, nor is it really my place to do so.

But please know, I truly value all the work that is respectfully sharing the scientific information about our SPS trait, and in particular those that have honored the research by Dr. Elaine Aron.

with you on this special journey,
with love and care,

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