Spring 2021 HSP Highlights & Insights

Languish, Dormant, Fallow?  

 Two Colorado HSP Retreats are planned here in Ft. Collins, Colorado
1 – June 14, 15, 16* with an optional Nature as Teacher & Healer day on Thursday, June 17

What might you learn from a day in nature?

Our Retreat House for the 3rd & 4th Colorado HSP Retreat

My apologies for this short notice of the June retreat, which I explain in the link below.
2September 27, 28, 29 with an optional Nature as Teacher & Healer day on Thursday, September 30th.

Summer Session of my Myers Briggs & HSP Overlay class coming up soon:  July 31 and August 7, 2021.  I love the latest testimony at the bottom of this link, shared from Jessica in Texas :

Depending upon where you live, here’s wishing you the joys of Spring or many HSP Interludes of Happiness moments which are mentioned and explained in a past issue of HSP Highlights & Insights here:

with care,

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