Welcome to my Mentoring and Coaching Practice

The road less traveled .. the road is your path.

“Your story is your path.”
Each HSP journey is a unique pilgrimage of sorts that moves us away from an imposed external way of knowing toward an inner way of knowing…We are asked to let go of old beliefs, and embark on an unknown path that calls for faith, trust, and a deeper connection with self which offers opportunities for renewal strengths, and inspirations.  These connect us to our wise priestly advisor self that we are then free to share within our circles of influence and the world.   Elaine Aron would be proud.

My work over the last 20 years has centered around a holistic, spiritual perspective that focuses on the bigger picture of why we HSPs are here and how we can best foster a strong sense of self from the inside out.

Even though retired as a psychotherapist I am grateful to still connect with highly sensitive people around the world via mentoring, coaching, Nature as Healer & Teacher Retreats, The HSP Gathering Retreats (co-founded with Dr. Elaine Aron) and my 2-3 weekend retreats here in Ft. Collins, Colorado where I live.

I have been married to a non-HSP introvert since 1976 (oh my !) .. and am the proud mother of two grown sons, one of whom is an HSP and the other a very kind man.  We are grandparents to three delightful grandchildren, one of whom is a sensitive extrovert like her grandmother. 🙂