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Spiritual Practices of HSPs


2009 HSP Gatherings:

The 2nd European HSP Gathering Retreat
   2-6 April, 2009,
    Somerset, England

The 2nd Colorado HSP Gathering Retreat
    October 1-4 , 2009,
    Estes Park, Colorado

Reflections from the 2008 HSP Gathering Retreats

"Personal Reflections from My First HSP Gathering"
    by Sherri Neilson

A Report from the East Coast, Catskill Mountains
    by Phil Fimiani




Winter 2008-09 | Archives Here

Jacquelyn at October Obama Rally in Fort Collins, ColoradoContinued from Page 1:

From my own perspective, it has been an honor to journey with clients and friends as they struggle to let go of old paradigms that no longer serve them. Finding, understanding and committing to new paradigms has been much like witnessing a caterpillar struggling out of its cocoon....the process may seem painful and slow, yet, when finally free, it is beautiful, light and flowing ....and... glowing as well. When is the last time you felt as if you were "glowing?"

Unlike an article in my very first ezine in March, 2004 "Is Everything Okay?" (it wasn't) I find myself amazingly optimistic as this year comes to a close. The historic Presidential election has only added to my optimism, as I a firm believer of "Yes we can."

Yes, 2008 was a great year for me. I was privileged to host, facilitate and present at the 14th and 15th (since 2001) HSP Gathering Retreats: one on the West Coast and the other on the East Coast where I am honored to observe and get to know HSPs who are coming alive with confidence, insight and creativity! I got to ride bikes and sea kayak in the Fall on the lovely country roads and lakes around Middlebury, Vermont with my husband, Steve. My oldest son got married in July to a lovely woman who feels like the daughter I never had. I celebrated my 30th wedding anniversary on December 16th. Wow. It doesn't get much better than this for me. I've had my share of "glowing" moments in 2008.

Recent snowfalls here in Northern Colorado have helped to create a festive holiday spirit. Yes, out there in the "real world" things seem troublesome and uncertain. For me, and I'm sure many HSPs, I choose to focus on my own definition of the "real world" which is infinitely more fulfilling and sustainable. My definition of the "real world" has nothing to do with the current balance of our 401-K savings, nor the troubling events in our world. It has more to do with a sense of hope and faith, followed by a sense of peace, love and joy. Interestingly, this HSP "real world" ambience is connected to the gifts of the holiday season, do you agree?

As HSPs, we know this "real world" is found in many places: during meditation, in our rich, and sometimes complex inner lives (we are never bored); from the joy and comfort we find in nature; from our connections and meaningful relationships, whether with our animals or family and friends; and of course from our unique spiritual lives.

With the dark nights of winter upon us, I think it is even more important to make time for a daily spiritual practice. This helps me to remember and be grateful for my "real world" gifts.

I hope you will enjoy reading a few of the many ways spirituality plays a role in the daily lives of the many HSPs I have been privileged to meet and know over the years.

Their comments are my gift to you this season.

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A few (of the many) Spiritual Practices of HSPs

Finally, I want to acknowledge the many HSPs around the world who are creatively working to help empower HSPs with information, friendship and support. Just try an internet search on "Highly Sensitive People" and you'll see what I mean. It is amazing to think how far we've come since 1996 when Elaine's first book was published.

My vision of a world full of empowered HSPs is unfolding before my eyes.... and I look forward to seeing more of our influence in the years to come.

And I look forward to seeing some of you again in 2009.


P.S. This is only the 2nd issue of HSP Highlights & Insights sent out this year ...It is no longer a quarterly publication...it is a 'follow your natural rhythm, creativity and process" publication. I'm sure you can relate?



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