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Warm Winter Greetings

Spiritual Practices of HSPs


2009 HSP Gatherings:

The 2nd European HSP Gathering Retreat
   2-6 April, 2009,
    Somerset, England

The 2nd Colorado HSP Gathering Retreat
    October 1-4 , 2009,
    Estes Park, Colorado

Reflections from the 2008 HSP Gathering Retreats

"Personal Reflections from My First HSP Gathering"
    by Sherri Neilson

A Report from the East Coast, Catskill Mountains
    by Phil Fimiani




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Book Review:
Returning to My Mother's House:
Taking Back the Wisdom of the Feminine, by Gail Straub
From: What's On My Nightstand, by Jacquelyn Strickland

Returning to My Mother's House, by Gail StraubThe title of this book is ironic, because many people have not discovered the wisdom of the feminine from their mothers. But nonetheless, it is a touching book which validates a paradigm shift I think is taking place world wide. It seems the so called 'feminine' traits of emotional intelligence, receptivity, spirituality, imagination, intuition, empathy, compassion, and "being" oriented have become more integrated with the heretofore more dominant "masculine" traits of rationality, logic, and task oriented actions.

I think you will see what I mean by reading portions of the Prologue which I have taken the liberty of rewriting in a poetry form below:

"This is the story of how I returned to my mother's house
And reclaimed my own female wisdom,
Taking back what both Mom and I had betrayed.
I see now how my story is so many of our stories.
It is the story of both men and women
Who have abandoned their inner lives,
Leaving behind their hearts;
Putting aside their intuitive imagination where dreams flourish;
Ignoring the invisible worlds where the irrational
And the mysterious offer their incomparable gifts;
And disowning the realms of silence, simplicity and solitude
Where the interior matures.

Modern life rarely acknowledges or even allows space for such things.

But we ignore these things at our peril,
both as a human and as an earth family."


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